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Foodgrade Lubricants


F.D.A. CODES (CFR) - Exhibit A

F.D.A. Codes (CFR) Which Affect Lubricants for Machinery with Incidental Food Contact

21.CFR 178.3570
Ingredients used to manufacture H-1 lubricants must comply with this code.

21.DFR 178.3620
Technical white mineral oil as a component of nonfood articles intended for use in contact with food.

21.CFR 172.878
USP white mineral oil for direct contact with food.

21.CFR 172.882
Synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbons.

 21.CFR 182 With 9 Subheadings
 Substances generally recognized as safe, such as zinc oxide and tocopherols (vitamin E).



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